Electroplating is a method of coating a metal surface with a metal.  It is a soft, ductile, corrosion-resistant finish. Zinc protects the substrate, unlike most other commonly plated metals.  This protection is accomplished by sacrificing itself.  The zinc corrodes before the base metal, thereby protecting the base metal.  For additional corrosion protection, chromates are applied over the zinc.  Chromates used in the zinc electroplating process become a component of the coating.  Chromate films are normally very thin and the chromate coating provides no measurable thickness to the overall coating. 

Blue Grass Plating Co., currently operates several automatic barrel lines and 2 automatic rack lines 5 days per week on 3 shifts per day. 

Barrel Zinc plating is used to plate small diverse parts.  The parts are placed inside a perforated, rotating barrel for an even finish.  Coating thickness is controlled by load size, current density applied and duration in the bath.  Conversion coatings are applied after the plating process.

Rack Zinc plating is used for two very different types of parts.  The first are parts that are too delicate for even the smallest barrel.  The second are parts that are too large or heavy to barrel plate.  With rack zinc plating, these parts remain stationary on the rack and don't rotate.  All conversion coating and post coatings are also available on our rack line.    

We welcome all inquiries about our Barrel and Rack High Volume Zinc Electroplating services and invite you to contact us with any questions!!  Email us at sales@bluegrassplating.com or phone us at (859) 623-7903.

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