Blue Grass Plating Co. recently completed work on our second Electro-coat system, (pictured above) located at our newest facility in Richmond on Industry Road.


Electrocoating is an immersion painting process in which charged paint particles are attracted to an oppositely charged metallic service.  As the paint is deposited, it forms a finish which begins to insulate the metal from the surrounding charged solution.  Deposition continues until the coating thickness becomes sufficient to form a barrier against further paint attraction.


Electrocoating offers several advantages in the finishing of metal products.  Corrosion resistance is superior to other paint application methods because immersion E-coat provides a complete, uniform coating, even in corners, on edges and hard to reach partially enclosed spaces.  Because the applied coating contains very little water there are no runs or sags and parts can be handled almost immediately.  Consistent, controlled application without spray gun error nearly eliminates the need for touch ups.

E-coating dramatically cuts material costs because paint waste is minimal.  Virtually all of the coating put in the tank goes on the product and stays on the product.  In addition, low-solvent, waterborne formulations make electrocoating the perfect environment.

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